Construct It


The main aim of civil engineer is to construct a structure by considering the factors such as strength, economy and sustainability. This event involves construction of reinforced mortar frame consisting of four beams and four column members.


Participant have to cast the beams and columns of specified dimensions. Participants have to construct a frame consisting of four beams and four columns. Materials will be provided like cement, sand, fly ash, admixtures etc.Team size vary 3 or 4 participants per team.


  1. On first day participant have to cast beams and columns.
  2. On second day, participant have to assemble those members and erect a frame.
  3. The frame will be tested for maximum load sustained just before collapse.
  4. No foreign materials are allowed.
  5. Winner will be decided on the ratio of load sustained by the frame and total cost.
  6. The decision of the Judges and Event Heads is final and binding to all.
  7. Checking of calculation will be done according to the serial numbers given to the particular team at the time of commencement of the event hence no team should request for their calculation to be checked first.
  8. Team members may be from different colleges can take participate.
  9. Students must bring their valid college identity cards while coming to event.
  10. Participants are requested to check the website ( regularly for updates.


    Team Size : 3-4participants per team.
    Registration Fee: 50/- per participant


  1. Shaikh Mohammad : 7875945251
  2. Nazneen Pathan : 8482806835