This is completely a technical event, in which you can show your hardware knowledge and skills. It includes basic knowledge about the working and architecture of a computer. Smartness, quickness and knowledge about the basic computer troubleshooting will be a lot of help.


There will be three rounds:

  1. Round 1: Beginners Level
  2. The first round consists of easy error debugging.

  3. Round 2: Moderate Level
  4. The troubleshooting task given in this round will be more complicated than the first round.

  5. Round 3: Master Level
  6. The third round is a surprise round.


  1. Full marks are allowed only when the task is completed as a whole. Partial marking will be included.
  2. The task should be completed in the allotted time period.
  3. Use of mobile phones during the task is not allowed. If caught doing so, it will lead to immediate disqualification.
  4. Decision taken by judges/event coordinator will be the final.
  5. Rules may be changed without prior intimation. Participants are requested to check the website ⦁ regularly for updates.


  1. Maximum two participants will be allowed in each team.
  2. Registration Fee:100/-per team.

  3. Event Heads

    1. Apurva Ukhalkar:
    2. Aman Vishnani:8237327445