Query Mania


In this event, DBMS and RDBMS concepts will be the primary key to advance through the prelims. In the final round, teams will be required to query a given database.


Round 1 (on Tablets) : MIND-BENDER

  1. Round 1 will be an Aptitudical round, where each individual will get a random 30 question which will be on basic DBMS. This round will be conducted on Tablets which will be provided by college itself. (Time: 30 min)
  2. Round 2 (on Paper) : REARRANGING TABLES

  3. In this Round the top 30 individuals of Round 1 will be participating, in this Round each individual will be teamed up with other two individuals (making total of 10 teams), the grouping of individuals will be random and computerized, now each team will be given a table with all the data types and values of records in mixed and messed up format, so the teams will be required to identify the data type of each particular attribute and find the errors, the negative marking will be activated in this round. Total Top 5 teams will be advanced to the next round i.e. ROUND III (Part I), and the top team of Round 2 will directly advance to the ROUND 3 (Part II).
  4. Round 3 (Part I) (on Paper) : ER QUEST

  5. The bottom 4 teams of the ROUND 2 will be participating in this Round, each team will be provided a subject to draw ER diagram and draw them. Based on the correctness and the complexity of ER diagram marking is done. Top 2 teams proceed to next round. In this round the bottom two teams will be eliminated.
  6. (Part II) : CRACK THE QUERY

  7. Final Round time to pull up your socks, in this round teams will be given queries along with the relations which they need to solve in MYSQL. These queries have to be solved by the team in limited period of 1 hour at the end of 1 hour the team which will solve the most queries will be selected as winner and runner up respectively, in case of tie the team which solved the queries in least time will be the winner.


  1. The Event is going to be held in given period, so rights of number of rounds of  the event is kept reserved under Conducting committee.
  2. Participants have to bring their College ID cards and the receipt of registration during reporting
  3. Spot entries are allowed (rights are kept reserved under technical committee).
  4. The prerequisite for the participants is mere enough knowledge of DBMS and RDBMS
  5. The results will be announced by SMS to registered number.
  6. The time limit for each round is fixed, but may vary as per consideration of adjustment.
  7. Rules may change without prior intimation. Participants are requested check the VisioTech website (www.visiotech.in) regularly for update


  1. It is an individual event. Each student has to participate as an individual.
  2. Registration Fee:50/-per participant.


  1. Shailesh kulkarni :-9561845991
  2. Tejal Yerawar