Web Magic


“WEB MAGIC” Event focuses on some basic elements of the html language and Web page design. When you think Web Page Design in html, you probably will find yourself coming up with basic questions regarding the conventions, design and logics used with the HTML language. This Event attempts to answer some of the questions, technical and logical knowledge of HTML. So it will provide opportunity test your knowledge in HTML language.


Round 1:

  1. Round 1 will be a HTML page design round. Each Participant will provide one HTML design print and participant should complete it within time limit. The student shorted by as per performance and will be eligible for Second round. In short this round is totally depend on HTML.
  2. Round 2:

  3. Round 2 will be bug find round. Each Participant will have 2 options (2 programs) to find the bug and solve any one program among the given time. The student shorted by as per performance and will be eligible for Final round.
  4. Round 3:

  5. Round 3 is final round. Each Participant will provide JAVASCRIPT with HTML design print and participant should complete it. First 2 Participant will be selected as Winner and Runner respectively.


  1. The Event is going to be held in given period, so rights of number of rounds of  the event is kept reserved under Conducting committee.
  2. Participants have to bring their College ID cards and the receipt of registration during reporting
  3. Spot entries are allowed (rights are kept reserved under technical committee).
  4. The prerequisite for the participants is mere enough knowledge of HTML and JavaScript’s
  5. The results will be announced by SMS to registered number.
  6. The time limit for each round is fixed, but may vary as per consideration of adjustment.
  7. Rules may change without prior intimation. Participants are requested check the Visiotech website (www.visiotech.in) regularly for update


  1. It is an individual event. Each student has to participate as an individual.
  2. Registration Fee:50/-per participant.


  1. Dnyaneshwar Madhewad :-8421983650
  2. Nikhil Dachawar :-7720905125