Robo Scoccer


Objective is to build a manually controlled wired/wireless boot as per given specifications and which can play soccer successful.


  1. Each team will have to defend the goal on its side as well as score the goal on the op-posite side.
  2. Each team can have a maximum of 5 team members.
  3. The weight limit of the robot for this competition is 5 kg.
  4. Each robot should not exceed by maximum 30cm.
  5. A team can make a either one robot or at max, 2 robots(manually controlled) taking into consideration that the total weight of 1 or 2 robots, the controller and batteries should not exceed 5 kg. (this means that whatever components the participants enter on to the field should not be more than 5 kg.)
  6. The start zone for the single or both robots is 500mm x 500 mm. (single or both the robots must be able to remain completely inside the start zone before the start of the game).
  7. The game will start at the count of 3 given by refree followed by whistle. in case a team starts its robot before the whistle, the game will be restarted and a team making this mistake for more than 3 times will be disqualified.
  8. The ball can be either dragged or pushed or hit by the team.
  9. A robot can extended to a dimension of 500mm x 500mm x 500mm maximum (inde-pendently) once it crosses the start zone.
  10. Each goal scored by a team by rolling the ball on the ground will fetch the team 1 point.
  11. The goal post will have a hole on the top. any team scoring the goal from above will fetch 5 points.
  12. The voltage at any point on the electrical connections should not exceed 12 v dc.
  13. The game will last for 5 minutes.
  14. Maximum 2 members per team will be allowed to remain close to field for operating the robots.
  15. In case of jam up of robots for more than 30 seconds the robots will have to kick-off again at the order of the refree.
  16. In case of any discrepancy the final decision rests in the hands of co-ordinators.
  17. Any act of misbehaviour or misconduct will lead to immediate disqualification of the team.
  18. The robots are not allowed to use grippers or actuations which are intended to harm the opponent’s robot.
  19. The competition is aimed at making the game a friendly football match rather than a robo war.


Team Size:Maximum 4 participants per team.
Registration Fee:Rs/- per participant.

Event Heads

  1. Omprakash Sontakke:7385153241
  2. Satish Shinde:9561813343