KAYLA (Rocket launching)


“Kayla” was the name of first rocket launch into from Indian soil took place on 21 November 1963.
The objective of “KAYALA” rocket engineering competition is to arouse enthusiasm amongst students towards Rocketry and to demonstrate the scientific principles of rocketry and aeronautics in a ‘Hands on Activity’ way. Students will learn about concepts of Rocketry such as Newton’s Laws, fuels, pressure, streamlining, fluid motion, flight angle etc. They learn to work in terms and interact with peers.


Participants may design their own (water and sugar-Kno3 or Spirit) Rockets with parachute and launch pads. Adapt these for use in the competition. The rocket with parachute and launch pads should be design with safety in about their designs (Trajectory / Height / Economy), material and use common sense. Be aware that competition staff will inspect and assess rockets for compliance with the safety requirements on the day of competition. Resources available on the web that discuss rocket design.


 • Water
 • Sugar-Kno3 or spirit
Engineering student of any branch can participate Registration of minimum five groups in each category is necessary to conducts competition


Scoring will be based 50% on rocket performance and 50% on your team’s reflection.

Teams that do not abide by the rules are not Allowed to participate.


Team Size : Maximum 2 participants per team.
Registration Fee : Rs100/- per group.

Event Heads

Faculty Coordinator: Shrinivas S. Aundhkar: 9422171256
Student Coordinator: Mrunal S. Deshpande: 8888589498